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Tre stjärnor b&b

Tre Stjärnor Bed & Breakfast 

The name Tre Stjärnor (Three Stars) is inspired by the famous 16th century astronomer

Tycho Brahe who was born nearby in 1546 at Knutstorp castle in Kågeröd parish.


At that time Skåne belonged to Denmark. His greatest achievement as an astronomer was that he managed to observe a supernova and that he had a silver nose. 


New direction in 2020

We, Cecilia and Robin, took over Tre Stjärnor B&B in April 2020 with the vision of running a relaxing and cozy Bed & Breakfast in scenic Söderåsen. 

Running a B&B has long been a dream and we hope for many pleasant meetings with guests.

Cecila och Robin med familj, B&B i ny regi sedan 2020.
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