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Amenities & Services

Free Wi-Fi access 

Pollock's bar & restaurant

In-room dining

Concierge services

Pet-friendly accommodations

Small business perks

Choice parking

Daily domestic newspaper delivery

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Our Rooms

Enjoy a lovely overnight stay in scenic Kågeröd and Söderåsen.

We have 5 fresh cabins with their own entrances, toilet/shower and wifi. Free parking are included for all residents.  

You get a good start to the day with our traditional breakfast buffet, which is included during your stay and is served daily.


Tre Stjärnor offers great opportunities for relaxation after the day's excursion or bike ride. 

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Free parking

1-4 beds

Breakfast included

Shower/Wc in

all cottages

80 km nearest major airport

Does it seem to be fully booked the dates you are interested in? 
Contact us at and maybe we can help.

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